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Username: andrew
Date/Time: Mon, April 17, 2000 at 8:12 AM GMT
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Subject: Agree w/ some, not all, of your views


I agree that only a subset of the ICANN-approved registrars should be permitted to register new TLDs. (It will take too long for all on the list to develop registration capability for the new TLDs.) However, I also believe that there are no reasonable grounds for preventing so-called "preregistrations." Preregistration can be thought of as a type of contract between an individual registrar and consumers. It's the choice of the consumer and the registrar, not ICANN's. Preregistration is simply a way for a registrar to organize its initial requests for when the names first become available. Registrars shouldn't be compelled to preregister now, but they can't be feasibly precluded from doing so. Looking at the bright side of things, preregistration may help organize some of the pent-up demand for names and ease the crush of consumers when registration begins.

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