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RE: [bc-gnso] Day 00 - Saturday: Informal BC meetings/update on the discussion of the elections of the Policy Chair/Vice Chairs

  • To: "Marilyn Cade" <marilynscade@xxxxxxxxxxx>, "bc - GNSO list" <bc-gnso@xxxxxxxxx>, <bclist@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [bc-gnso] Day 00 - Saturday: Informal BC meetings/update on the discussion of the elections of the Policy Chair/Vice Chairs
  • From: "HASSAN Ayesha" <ayesha.hassan@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 13:14:51 +0200

Dear colleagues,


It is very helpful to have substantive updates from BC colleagues on the
ground in Seoul, so thanks Marilyn. 


If there are issues where input from those of us who are not in Seoul
can be helpful, please outline what the issue/options are and I and I am
sure others will try to contribute in a productive manner despite the
time difference!


Best regards,







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Subject: [bc-gnso] Day 00 - Saturday: Informal BC meetings/update on the
discussion of the elections of the Policy Chair/Vice Chairs



I don't recall that there is a separately designated list just for those
who are attending Seoul ICANN, or who opted in for more detailed
feedback. If there is, I suggest that we can take up administrative
coordination 'off the full BC' list, however, this email is also an
update to those who can't be here in person regarding the present status
of election of the Policy Chair and Vice Chairs. 


Yes to the BAR gathering today for an hour. 

and yes to tomorrow p.m. 


I agree that having informal gatherings on the Saturday and Sunday are
extremely helpful to the sharing of information within the BC members
and of course, giving feedback and guidance to councilors and officers
on topics so that they are kept updated and supported by the membership
in what is a very heavy duty work time for all of us.


The time zone differences to most of our BC members not here make
communications in 'real time' extremely challenging for all. 



As a quick update to the list, having not seen any other updates, I'll
just post to the BC membership overall that the discussions with who
will be vice chair from the "houses", and who is the chair candidate(s)
for the GNSO Policy Council chair.


The 'question and answer' exchanges with the two candidates for GNSO
Policy Chair is underway now. 


Early today, there was a House meeting at 9 a.m. that was open. Several
BC members learned about the meeting and came along to it, so there will
be others who will undoubtedly post to the list to share insights, and



Outcome from that meeting: 


First, quickly, from the meeting that took place at 9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
today, Olga emerged as the Non Contracted House candidate for the Chair
of the GNSO Policy Council and Chuck emerged as the candidate from the
Contracted parties house.


The contracted chairs house put forward Stephan as their house vice
chair.  They therefore have a firm V.C. already elected. 


The non contracted house put Olga forward as the "Interim Vice Chair",
in the event she isn't elected as the Chair. If she is elected as the
Chair, then the general "informal" agreement seems to be to support
Zahid Jamil as a candidate for the Vice Chair of the House, should Olga
be elected as chair of the Policy Council. 


In the informal, closed discussions within the House, exceptionally
effectively chaired by Steve Metalitz this a.m. in an 'ad hoc' huddle
that I proposed so that all members voices could be heard, the ISPs; the
IPC and the BC supported Chuck as chair, and Olga as Vice Chair [but
supported as well that Olga would be the House Chair candidate].  


I know that all of us had many reservations about the Board's decision
to force the creation of "Houses". I am pleased to report that the
working tone between the Stakeholder Groups  within the Non Commercial
House was exceptionally cordial and collaborative.  The non commercial
users in the Stakeholder group with us [commercial users] will have a
new challenge as they absorb the new appointed reps made by the Board. 


Communications that are honest and thoughtful throughout this process of
building the new processes will continue to be extremely important. It
has been very helpful to have as many BC members in attendance, since
that builds visible recognition and interpersonal exchanges at a
critical 'building block' period.  I don't pretend that this will be
easy, but the reality is that not only are we 'house mates', it might
even be that we are 'room mates'.  One always wants pleasant
relationships with the 'neighbors' when one lives in a small multi
tenant dwelling! 


Best regards from the first half day in Seoul. 


Don't panic:  It is not my intent to blog about all meetings, but this
discussion about the election of Chair/Vice Chairs is of relevance to
all BC members. 





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