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Vote "NO" on dot mail

  • To: <stld-rfp-general@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Vote "NO" on dot mail
  • From: "Greg Krajewski" <gkrajews@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2004 22:36:41 -0600

Fellow Netizens,

Of all the top level domain applications being proposed, I fear this one the 
most.  Allowing a group of people to create a monopoly over our email system in 
the name of getting rid of SPAM is NOT a good thing.     

It's sad, but my guess is this application is already a done deal by the 
"early" publicity it's getting.  My only hope is enough people will come to 
their senses and realize that no one person or group should be able to 
influence our email network in such a way.  I suggest you read up on their 


The part I don't like about their whole plan is that if this TLD "works" you 
will almost be forced to buy a name from them just to conduct business.  Again, 
that is NOT good.  

The most disturbing quote from the MSNBC article:

>>>>And when the system reached critical mass, e-mail users could largely 
>>>>ignore most e-mail that came from .com and .net domains.<<<

Hey, what if I own a dot biz company, can get I get my own dot mail address?  
Apparently not.   Again another direct quote from the article:

>>>>>For starters, only owners of the corresponding .com sites could pick up 
>>>>>.mail sites -- in other words, only msnbc.com could control 

Vote "NO" on dot mail.  This is a trojan horse if I ever saw one.   One ironic 
thing to think about is can you imagine the amount of  "email" you'd probably 
get from this company promoting their services if you did buy a name from them?

Wake up everyone!!!  The way to deal with SPAM is not by limiting our choices.  
The way to deal with SPAM is to educate people, not by "instituting" measures 
that will make all our lives "better".  The day I buy the argument that someone 
has a "fool proof" plan to rid the internet of spam, is the day I close up shop 
and get a day job.

Gregory W. Krajewski

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