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I SUPPORT the ICANN Cyber Safety Constituency

  • To: cyber-safety-petition@xxxxxxxxx
  • Subject: I SUPPORT the ICANN Cyber Safety Constituency
  • From: Brad Jackman <bradjackman@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2009 00:25:37 -0600

I applaud the petition which seeks to create a Cyber Safety Constituency.

While free speech must be protected, there is still room for the protection
of vulnerable and unsuspecting parties from predators who use the Internet
to prey upon them.

I urge you to strongly consider adopting this new Constituency to monitor
and review what ICANN can do within its jurisdiction to prevent, track, and
stop cyber crimes.  ICANN should explore, through this constituency, how it
may use its power to protect victims, while still abiding by proper
international law.  By adopting this new constituency, a forum will be
opened where these issues may be discuessed, options may be vetted, and
concerned individuals can become directly involved.  Such a constituency
should allow for the expression of all opinions, and should respect the
rights of the majority, as well as minorities.

In addition, I also support the exploration of ways that offensive content
may be distinguished more easily from general content.  I would like to see
more discussion about how this can be done through top-level domains, port
designations, or other methods.  Doing so will allow ISPs, individuals, and
families to decide which content they wish to receive, and successfully
block content they choose to avoid.  Giving users, ISPs and businesses a
viable option for blocking potentially offensive content will not stiffle
free speech any more than an individual's choice to read one magazine and
not another - it will just allow a user to be more aware of what content is
being offered.

I am also interested in what the Cyber Safety Constituency may be able to do
about predatory phishing operations, ISPs who host the websites advertised
in spam e-mails, and other illegal, offensive, and immoral issues.

Please let the discussions on these issues be addressed in a designated
constituency, the Cyber Safety Constituency.

I support the adoption of this proposal.

Brad Jackman

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