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[gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Re: [gnso-osc-ops] DOI

  • To: Eric Brunner-Williams <ebw@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: [gnso-improvem-impl-sc] Re: [gnso-osc-ops] DOI
  • From: Avri Doria <avri@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 23 Sep 2010 10:43:31 -0400


Actually less hypothetical than I thought.  Writing the DOI convinced me that I 
should write the article, and am using the DOI as the introduction to the 
article.  So at this point, I am writing an article on ICANN/GNSO policy 
processes, their development and implementation and may gain some advantage, or 
perhaps disadvantage, since advantage comes in both positive and negative 

More than anything I am exploring the rules we make, the requirements we put on 
people and trying to follow them to their logical conclusions.



On 23 Sep 2010, at 10:04, Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:

> Avri,
> This is rather hypothetical. You could just as well pre-confess to the 
> possibility of using services originating from Elbonia (Lower), an 
> underdeveloped economy, by an NGO not yet in existence, in a script not yet 
> encoded in Unicode, in a language you don't yet know.
> I think it unlikely that Indians will be considered economically distinct 
> from the rest of North America, or Appalachia for that matter, and that the 
> "developing countries" language, which appears to be suggestive, not 
> proscriptive, in Recommendation 20, the substance of the SOAC AG, will extend 
> to applications intending to serve the needs of North American Indians, or 
> marginalized non-indigenous populations. Therefore, I see no _real_ 
> "interest" to declare in the SOAC AG context. Fee reduction, ability to apply 
> for an ASCII string, a ᎣᏏᏲ string, and a ᓂᓴᓕ string (under either (a) or (b) 
> approaches) would be wicked useful. But as these are improbable, there is no 
> material "interest" in advocating these as generally available to 
> applications that do meet the eventual interpretation of the characterization 
> in Recommendation 20.
> So I _do_not_ declare an interest that does not currently exist, nor is 
> likely to exist.
> To pick another scab, when eligibility closed for a certain unaffiliated 
> elected position, I asked ICANN Counsel for guidance, as my employ with CORE 
> ended three or four days after the date at which a would-be candidate had to 
> meet the unaffiliated condition. My non-affiliation was _certain_ at a date 
> only days after a date certain, for an election that would not take place for 
> months, for a responsibility or office that would not commence until 1 
> January, 2011.
> The guidance ICANN Counsel offered was that status at the date certain was 
> controlling.
> Therefore, something as certain as a prospective interest a week in the 
> future, or the prospective lack of interest, again, a mere week in the 
> future, was not relevant to the issue of eligibility to stand for election.
> I suggest that your approach is too speculative, though I'm not entirely 
> happy with the guidance ICANN Counsel offered me only a few weeks ago, which 
> is at least curable by revised SOI/DOI as material interests become actual 
> rather than prospective.
> Eric

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