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RE: [gnso-osc] GNSO Council Proxy Procedures

  • To: "Philip Sheppard" <philip.sheppard@xxxxxx>, <gnso-osc@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [gnso-osc] GNSO Council Proxy Procedures
  • From: "Gomes, Chuck" <cgomes@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2011 09:09:52 -0400


The reason I brought up the scenario of the two non-voting NCAs being
absent in the same meeting is because it may happen in the upcoming
Council meeting.  That is why I discovered it.  So it may not be as
unlikely as you think.  Moreover it could factor into whether a motion
passes or not.  In the case of NCA votes, they have increasing chances
of being tie breakers, so when there is an even split of SG votes in a
house and the voting NCA is absent, the vote will fail.


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> Subject: [gnso-osc] GNSO Council Proxy Procedures
> Thanks everyone for the good dialogue on this.
> I fear we are trying to solve increasing unlikely scenarios.
> 1. Important votes
> An absent Councilor votes by e-mail when the vote is important defined
> as
> a. Initiate a Policy Development Process (PDP);
> b. Approve a PDP recommendation;
> c. Recommend amendments to the GNSO Operating Procedures (GOP) or
> Bylaws;
> d. Fill a Council position open for election.
> 2. Less important votes
> An absent Councilor wishing to vote on issues NOT above may give a
> proxy.
> 3. Abstaining (due to personal conflict of interest)
> Because abstentions = a No vote, two remedies exist in order of
> priority.
> a) they get direction from the appointing organisation.
> b) they give a proxy.
> --------------------
> Thus:
> a) proxies are always a secondary remedy.
> b) proxies are for less important votes
> c) proxies come into play when there is a personal conflict.
> -------------------------
> Conclusion:
> a) any gaming / unfairness is likely to have a minimal real-world
> effect.
> b) the chances of both NCA Councilors having a personal conflict on a
> less
> important vote is low.
> -------------------------
> Conclusion for GNSO rules:
> Having heard all the discussion, I still believe the original
> simplified wording
> I proposed does the job.
> Thoughts?
> Philip

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