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Re: [idn-discuss] LA 2007

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For information:

1) some know it already, ISO TC46 has not accepted the BSI NWIP to adopt internationalisation in parallel to the ISO 3166 metalingualisation paradigm. This is both a good news since it means that the elegant and very rich TC46 doctine is stabilized and confirmed. This is also a bad news since Debbie Garside's decentralised internationalisation was poorly presented and was not understood as the necessary transition path for the Internet from the current Internet/Unix internationalisation. This is why I promote an urgent cooperation to document this at ISO level and help understand that nobody lost and everyone clarified.

2) I kept the community informed of the increasing risk of private Multilingual Internet multiple propositions by Rio or the year's end. There are three families: commercial, civil-society, national ones. I copy you press information floating the Russian one. I suppose that people familiar with GAC also know about other initiatives.

IMHO one of the very last chances we have to keep all this somewhat together (most of these propositions are political moves out the US digital and semantic umbrella and loss of sovereignty and cultural identity), is to follow on John Klensin's last technical mail (splitting the language issue from the script issue, clearly differentiating this way the digital and the semantic main layers and establishing the boarder). The IETF lack of clear boarder between digital and semantic areas is IMHO the basic layer violation which mares everything: the IETF is numeric engineering oriented and users are semantic usage oriented.


Russia will create independent Cyrillic WEB.
19:11; on July, 26th 2007; Viewings: 2372
Translated from the original Russian article authored by Konstantin Getmansky at Russia's premier newspaper web-site at

(Note: A few days after the announcement below by President Putin at the Security Council meeting of the Russian Federation, further Russian language press reports appeared stating that the Security committee within the Russian Duma (parliament) had publicly enodorsed Putin's initiative)

Vladimir Putin

At the latest session of Security Council of the Russian Federation it's been declared that by 2015 Russia will become one of the leaders of the global information space. This matter includes the creation in Russia of its own web.

Russian analogue of the Internet will be completely independent from the traditional World Wide Web (www) and at first stage of the project is going to include the CIS countries. This information was received from a governmental source.

There are several reasons for creation of an independent network in Russia.

Firstly, there are reasons related to information safety and security. Today it is a matter of fact that Russian users are accessing the Internet via channels which are in the control of the US government. Experts say there is the potential for the US to block these channels in the hypothetical scenario of an adverse development in the bilateral relationship between Russia and USA.

Secondly, at present only the US is engaged in the process of making decisions relating to the distribution of domain names amongst all the countries. Thus in essence the US is operating and supervising all global Internet traffic.

Two years ago in Tunis at the United Nations World Summit of the Information Society (WSIS) the rights for making decisions relating to the distribution of domain names between the countries was reviewed for change but ultimately remained under the US-controlled organization - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). This occurred against the will of the other countries such as Russia, India and China.

At the same Tunis summit the US senator - Republican Norm Kohlman - declared, that only the US can have a supervisory role over the Internet. He strongly rejected any idea for transferring any Internet authority to the United Nations. Further he labeled the United Nations as absolutely incompetent and corrupt.

Thirdly, domain names in the proposed independent Russian network will use a Cyrillic script. Those proposing this project say it will help to strengthen the influence of Russia in the CIS countries. They further say that it will also increase the status of the Russian language in the countries of Commonwealth territories.

It is not determined yet what organizations will undertake the creation of the Russian web and how much it will cost. Also it is not clear yet, how the Russian network will interact with the traditional World Wide Web.

By the way, a similar project of an independent computer network already exists in China and is in development in the Arabic countries. They have the same motives: safety, creation of an independent cyber space for their own language communities and the convenience of using of the Internet for their native language speakers.

Konstantin Getmansky
The address/link of the article:

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