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Re: [idn-discuss] LA 2007

  • To: "John C Klensin" <john+icann@xxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [idn-discuss] LA 2007
  • From: "Basanta shrestha" <basanta.shrestha@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2007 16:16:51 +0545

Dear John,
Thank you for correcting me immediately.I am sorry that I gave a bad
example.Of course, I don't want to register devanagari IDN with .JP. What I
should have written is I am looking for something like www.ààààà.com. 
devnagari charset ( used for Nepali in Nepal and Hindi in India). I was
looking for something like www.àààààà.com.

Ok I found it.  domainsite.com.

Basanta Shrestha

On 10/7/07, John C Klensin <john+icann@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> --On Sunday, October 07, 2007 12:13 PM +0545 Basanta shrestha
> <basanta.shrestha@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Dear Shahram,
> > Thanks for the info.I had sent an email to idirect.com and
> > they told me the same. But for the time being I just want to
> > try second level IDN. for example http://www.èæ.jp. Where
> > did these guys register from ? I checked the
> > domainwhitepages.com but couldn't track the registrar.
> Hi.
> At the second level, each TLD registry makes its own decisions
> as to whether to support/register IDNs and, if so what types of
> IDNs to permit.   For example, for ccTLDs, restrictions to
> particular scripts, or names in particular languages, are
> common.  As a handy example, since you used a registration in
> .JP, I don't believe one can register a string of Tamil
> characters in that domain.
> I believe that gTLDs are still expected to get permission from
> ICANN before opening up registrations and there are some other
> requirements and recommendations with which registries are asked
> (or required) to comply, but, basically, it is a per-TLD
> registry decision.
> So you need to figure out which TLD you want to register in,
> determine from the registry (or from a registrar that deals with
> them frequently) whether they are willing to accept IDNs and
> what restrictions, if any, they apply to names they are
> registering, and then do the registration.  If whatever ccTLDs
> you ordinarily work with are not yet accepting IDN
> registrations, several of the gTLDs are now accepting IDN
> registrations in at least some scripts.
>      regards and best wishes,
>        john

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