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RE: [soac-newgtldapsup-wg] RE: Special Meeting of the JAS WG - 20 April SAVE THE DATE

  • To: Cintra Sooknanan <cintra.sooknanan@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: RE: [soac-newgtldapsup-wg] RE: Special Meeting of the JAS WG - 20 April SAVE THE DATE
  • From: Karla Valente <karla.valente@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:52:04 -0700

Hi Cintra,

Thank you for the feedback. I see your point. We will be updating the document 
and sending it back to all soon.

Kind regards,

Karla Valente
Director, gTLD Registry Programs
Mobile:  +1 310 936 4639

From: Cintra Sooknanan [mailto:cintra.sooknanan@xxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Friday, April 20, 2012 9:21 AM
To: Karla Valente
Cc: Carlton Samuels; Rafik; SOAC-newgtldapsup-wg@xxxxxxxxx; Wendy Profit; 
Gisella Gruber; Glen de Saint Géry; Dennis Chang; Kurt Pritz
Subject: Re: [soac-newgtldapsup-wg] RE: Special Meeting of the JAS WG - 20 

Hi Karla,

I have one comment on the Draft CMR document. At 1. the document states the CMR 
defines the characteristics for SARP selection, and then in 3. and on the last 
line of page 1 it is stated that CMR is a non voting member of SARP. The way 
the document is worded makes it seem that the CMR is designing selection 
processes for itself, and self-selecting for the SARP. I propose that a change 
be made to 1. to state as follows:

1. SARP voting member selection:  During the design of the SARP selection 
process, CMR will
provide input.  Upon receipt of the statistical information of the pool of 
potential SARP
members such as geography, experience level, and background, CMR will provide
feedback as to the makeup of the voting members of the SARP.  At this phase of 
the program, the identities of the
SARP candidates are not revealed to CMR.  CMR has input on the selection process
design only, not the actual selection.

I am assuming that in 2. SARP Training will be provided for both voting and 
non-voting members.

Also I recall on the chat of today's call there was a misspell of Alain's name 
(Elaine was captured) on the proposed CMR members list.


On Thu, Apr 19, 2012 at 1:30 AM, Karla Valente 
<karla.valente@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:karla.valente@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
Dear all,

Please see attached a summary of the proposed Community role in relation to the 
SARP and actual financial support request evaluations. Please let me know if 
you have issues viewing the file.

Carlton, regarding your comments below, there are few things I will try to 
clarify on Friday during our call.

Thank you and I look forward to talking to the JAS WG again after so long!

Kind regards,

Karla Valente
Director, gTLD Registry Programs
Mobile:  +1 310 936 4639<tel:%2B1%20310%20936%204639>

From: Carlton Samuels 
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 3:14 PM
To: Karla Valente
Cc: Rafik; 
SOAC-newgtldapsup-wg@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:SOAC-newgtldapsup-wg@xxxxxxxxx>; Wendy 
Profit; Gisella Gruber; Glen de Saint Géry; Dennis Chang; Kurt Pritz
Subject: Re: Special Meeting of the JAS WG - 20 April SAVE THE DATE

Dear Karla:
Many thanks for this notice.  I do not have an objection to either date or 
purpose of the meeting.

When you share the list of SARP applicants, it'd be useful if At-Large members 
- self or otherwise expressed - could be noted.

I'm also presuming that a formula for SARP Membership to Applicants for 
financial assistance is already determined.  If so, it'd be very useful if this 
is also circulated.

 Kind regards,
- Carlton

- Carlton

Carlton A Samuels
Mobile: 876-818-1799<tel:876-818-1799>
Strategy, Planning, Governance, Assessment & Turnaround
On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 12:13 PM, Karla Valente 
<karla.valente@xxxxxxxxx<mailto:karla.valente@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
Dear Carlton and Rafik,

I hope this e-mail finds you well.

There was a meeting today with few JAS WG representatives (Rafik, Tijani, Avri, 
Cintra, Alan), few board members (Chris, George, Sebastian) and staff (Kurt, 
Karla, Dennis [Project Manager], Wendy) about the Support Applicant Review 
Panel (SARP) and operations of the financial assistance evaluation. One of the 
issues discussed was having an active role of community members from the JAS WG 
in the final design of the SARP and evaluation process.

It was proposed we hold a special JAS WG meeting on 20 April to explain to the 
JAS WG the current vision and also reach an agreement on the JAS WG individuals 
that will be involved in the final design and evaluation process. Obviously, 
the selected individuals will be expected not to have conflict of interest 
issues and be able to dedicate time to this. I will work with the policy team 
to schedule the 20 April meeting, following the same structure and time we had 
before. If there are any objections from moving ahead with this plan, please 
let me know ASAP.

I am preparing some materials to share with the JAS WG that explains in more 
details the plans and the role in the SARP design and evaluation process. This 
will be sent to all soon.

Quick Program updates:

*         We are pleased to report we received 80 applications for the SARP. 
Applicants come from different regions of the world and have a wide range of 
backgrounds, including business, academic, diplomatic, etc.

*         We plan on selecting the SARP members and start training of all 
involved in the evaluation end of April, beginning of May.

*         We do not have yet the final number of financial assistance 
applicants and, as you know, the new gTLD application window has been extended. 
We will announce the financial assistance applicants at the same time we reveal 
all the data on the new gTLD applicants. The actual number of financial 
assistance applicants will dictate the final number of SARP members and 
community members needed for evaluation.

I look forward to meeting with you all on April 20th.

Kind regards,

Karla Valente
Director, gTLD Registry Programs
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)
Direct:  + 1 310 301 3878<tel:%2B%201%20310%20301%203878>
Mobile:  +1 310 936 4639<tel:%2B1%20310%20936%204639>
Skype: kdlvalente

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