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Username: Pistoff
Date/Time: Wed, October 18, 2000 at 5:42 PM GMT
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Subject: Proposition to ICANN, Applicants & Internet Community


I would like to elaborate further regarding my previous posting shown above in the general section.  Sorry for the format, but I felt that applying the case study method made the most sense.  It's an effective way of communicating both the issues and solutions.  Thanks!
To ICANN, Applicants & Internet Community
Central Issue:
The decision making process has not been sufficiently announced to the outside world.  Such inaction is especially troublesome given the fact that it's taking place during a time when the media's attention is being stretched thin by several other important events.  ICANN needs to compete more effectively for media coverage.

Recommended Course of Action:
Extend the decision making process beyond the U.S. Presidential Elections by a few weeks.  Extending the decision making process would provide a more equitable platform for the following reasons: 1)many more individuals will have an opportunity to participate; and 2) the applicants will be treated more equitably since some of their postings were delayed (for whatever reason) thereby allowing all applicants to enjoy the same amount of coverage time. 

ICANN can also print ads in the press and run announcements on the radio, both very effective mediums in reaching out to the public.  Such announcements can be done quickly and affordably.  As for cost, ICANN pulled in about $2.35 million (47 applicants x $50k).  I think the organization can afford this undertaking given what's at stake.

We've waited over four years to reach this point.  What's a few more weeks given the amount of money, time, and effort that has been invested thus far on expanding the infrastructure of the internet. 

Significant Factors (not all inclusive):
1) Many individuals are posting messages of an emotional nature.  This is being done, in part, because there is limited time in which to debate the complex issues.  This, in turn, has led to a sense of desparation for those involved thus far.

2) The U.S. Presidential Election and the middle east crises (both obviously very important issues) have absorbed a significant portion of the media's attention from this very important issue. 

3) The World Series is upon us, and as such, it will absorb an additional amount of media coverage, especially since the games will be held in New York (good for New York).

4) Several other good reasons which I've neglected to include in the interest of time (but please feel free to add any points that I've missed if you so desire). 

Thank you for taking the time to hear me out.   



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