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Username: For The People
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 10:03 AM GMT
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Subject: Thoughts



<<< 1. Who gave ICANN the right to decide unilateraly on a $50,000 application fee. >>>

Who gives ANY agency the right to decide on ANY kind of fee.

Furthermore, fees have to be unilateral. To adjust any kind of fee for individuals, corporations, countries or continents is discriminatory.

<<< 2. Why was the process too poorly advertised in Africa? >>>

ICANN advertised no where, to my knowledge. It was carried on the
wings of the media, and on the Internet itself, which is global.

Perhaps the lower presence of the Internet in Africa had something
to do with it, eh? Don't you think? That cannot not be the fault of ICANN or ANY agency involved in this process. Please be specific in
what you think they should do.

<<< 3. To facilitate and encourage free enterprise, this process should not cost money. >>>>

Firstly, if it didn't cost money, everyone and their uncle would
be sending in applications. What the hell. I would too, and I wouldn't
know how to turn on the database. Just what ICANN needs. 2 million
applications from incompetants and cranks. They already have NSI.
What do they need with MORE incompetants and cranks?

Furthermore, running a strong registry costs BIG money. The
technology is not to be taken lightly, and lots of money need to be
in place in order to rescue the registry from a potential catastophe.
Every registrant is at severe risk otherwise.

That itself costs money. A company that does not have $50,000 is
not prepared to run a domain registry, plain and simple. Databases
are not toasters, and technological security is not afforded by

Certain businesses have financial obligations even to start-up.
The nature of risk in ANY endeavor--and the means by which disaster
can either be avoided or repaired--are appropriately examined by far
more entities than ICANN. It is a sound, reasonable, logical practice.

<<<< Only once the decision has been made on new TLD's (which should
have been done by membership vote as well!!) >>>>

Pardon me, but the applicants themselves propose the TLD they want
to operate.


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