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Username: rolandg
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 8:20 AM GMT
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Subject: I absolutely agree!


Apart from the fact that a non-african must not be allowed to manage the name africa, the cost of $50,000 precludes a lot of entrepreneurs in Africa from getting involved in the process.  The mere fact that so many African countries are poor, precludes many from participation.

My points and questions are:
1. Who gave ICANN the right to decide unilateraly on a $50,000 application fee.
2. Why was the process to poorly advertised in Africa ?
3. To facilitate and encourage free enterprise, this process should not cost money. Only once the decision has been made on new TLD's (which should have been done by membership vote as well!!), an annual charge proportional to the number of subdomains under a TLD, would be perfectly in order.



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