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Username: MikeX
Date/Time: Mon, October 30, 2000 at 3:38 PM GMT
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      It seems riduculous, patronising and colonialist in the worst possible way, for a company based in the USA and Australia and having no disclosed or discernable link to the African continent, being given "ownership" of a TLD referring to the African continent.

It is bad enough that the developed world dominates the Internet and ignores the substantial benefit Internet technology could bring to Africa, but now the underdeveloped world is sought to be exploited by modern day imperialists out to exploit an important resource for their own needs and profit and not for the benefit of the community to which that name relates!

I can only imagine the outrage which would greet the suggestion that a Europe or America gTLD be allocated to a registrar based outside of these territories. It is only Africa that is treated with such paternalistic disregard as to suggest that a non-Africa be given control of this name.

I appeal to all participants and the ICANN decision makers to retain such a valuable resource as the Africa gTLD for the people and the continent to which it relates.


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