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Username: marshm
Date/Time: Sun, October 22, 2000 at 3:02 PM GMT
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Subject: The facts obviously elude you, sir


Eugene (or whoever you are, hiding behind a fictitious name),

Unlike yourself, sir, we are not hiding anything.  Diebold is currently proudly included in the ORSC root zone (which we did not "create", as you allude, but "participate" in).  If you had a single clue as to how the DNS works, you would know that DOES use and resolve to the "ICANN Root Servers".  You would also know that the three TLDs we are proposing are 1)established by prior use by Diebold and 2) not in conflict with ANY other applicant or ANY other root operator in the world.  How many of the applicants can make that claim?

ICANN does not prohibit the current use of augmented root servers for resolution of TLDs not currently in the ICANN root.  Where do you get your ideas, sir?  In fact, ICANN is not in a position to determine where our name servers point.  It is up to the individual server operator to determine what the best value for his customers is.

Diebold's inclusion in the ORSC has allowed us to provide a higher vaslue for us and our customers.  It has also allowed us to gain valuable experience running high-end DNS servers using new TLDs - experience that many other applicants have also gained.

If you would like to be considered as a serious contributor to these discussion, I would suggest you at least know your facts before you blurt out this kind of drivel.

Oh, in case you need help:

driv·el (drvl)
v. driv·eled or driv·elled, driv·el·ing or driv·el·ling, driv·els or driv·els.
v. intr.

To slobber; drool.
To flow like spittle or saliva.
To talk stupidly or childishly.

Gene Marsh
Diebold Incorporated
[.cash, .global, .secure]


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