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Username: marshm
Date/Time: Mon, October 23, 2000 at 7:26 PM GMT
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Subject: Again, a note about wiredz...


I post my previous message again.  Nothing else need be said.

Gene Marsh...
Folks, I have been openly involved with ORSC for several years (pretty much since its existance).  I have no reason to hide a thing.  "Eugene" was, several months ago, involved in the ORSC discussion lists.  Here is an excerpt from one of his messages:

"As the orsc root zone has a TXT record for every tld, for the free zone, it shows dinesh@ALPHAQUE.COM May96. I've already sent
dinesh@ALPHAQUE.COM an email, and I hope he will reply.

If he does not reply within 5 days, I guess he is not interested, or has changed email address, and so we can safely consider Dinesh Nair has totally given up, and/or is dead. Then, I will request Richard to
re-delegate .free to my name servers, and probably yours too, bradley
for secondaries.


At the time, Eugene was actively trying to get involved with the ORSC.  After several weeks of publicly slamming people without reason, fabricating information to lie his way into the ORSC, and threatening both ORSC and non-ORSC organizations, he was told he would be removed from the ORSC discussion lists if he did not cease and decist (at least he was given a chance to change his ways).  Pat of his response below:

"What lies! How dare you publicly lie that I slandered you!? Now, now, be a please good muslim, [name removed]. Islam does not teach you to speak untruths."

I rest my case.

Bye, wiredz.  You are not worth the time.

Gene Marsh


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