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Username: useyourhead
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 5:41 AM GMT
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Subject: To Saynotoabacus:  Why not just admit it?  It's obvious.


      Mr. Saynotoabacus,
   You are obviously one of these people indiscriminately registering .biz names.  I think it is obvious.  You discredit everyone that has put up an application for this domain.  Just because you are registering these "underground" doesn't mean that you have rights to these domains.  ICANN is the organization designated to set the standards for registry of names.  IOD is not universally recognized.  Otherwise there would be no issue and the consideration would not even be allowed.  I would suggest admitting your motives and then clocking out.  Noone wants to hear or consider your tantrums about .biz, especially since you have chosen to go outside of THE organization that gives accreditation to businesses for registry.  Again,  I suggest you clock out and stop wasting time of the public that wants to deal with an organization that has set the standards for these services.  If you are going to fight for your bank account, do it in the open.  Until then, noone will listen to your cries.


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