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Username: NetNumber
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 9:24 PM GMT
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Subject: Phone Number Applications


        There are four TLD applications that discuss the registration of telephone numbers on the Internet.  The applications can be broken down into two distinct business segments:

(a) Internet-Telephony Application:  Using a telephone number to identify a list of Internet enabled communications devices or services associated with an individual.  The goal of these applications is to enable the smooth migration of telecommunications services from the telephone network over to the Internet.  (For example: mapping a phone number to a user's IP-phone address, IP-fax address, IP-voicemail address, IP-mobile phone address, etc.)

".tel" from, I-TAB and (Pulver/Peek/Marschel)

".tel" from Telnic Limited

(b) Unique Number as a Domain Name:  Using a number (one example being a telephone number) as a unique "name" to locate the address of a device or website on the Internet.  The ".one" application maps a unique number to a device address.  The ".tel" application from maps a telephone number to a website.

".one" from Group One Registry, Inc.

".tel" from LLC

There is no practical business overlap between these two different uses of a telephone number on the Internet.  ICANN could easily approve a TLD from each of these two categories without creating any business or technical confusion.  The only obvious problem is that the name ".tel" is used by applicants in both categories.  ICANN will need to determine which use of ".tel" provides the highest overall utility to the Internet community at this time or allow the applicants to pick non-conflicting TLD strings.

Douglas Ranalli
Founder & Chief Strategy Officer


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