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Username: Layman
Date/Time: Sat, April 8, 2000 at 2:53 AM GMT
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Subject: I Agree with You


Here is the message I just posted on another discussion about reserve domain names for the famous trademarks:

1. What about several firms share one trademark name? There are many words trademarked by more than one firms (as long as the firms do not have the same business). How do you decide which firm has the right to register the domain name?

2. Some firms registered their trademark not for the words but for the design (the generic words cannot be registered).

3. What about the trademarks from other countries instead of the US. Who decide these trademarks being registered or not.

4. I bet you that the fist day of the registration of the new upper level domain will be a mess. It is very likely that the computer will be totally shut down. I know some people have prepared hundreds of thousands of names to register. I do not think that the server of NS will be able to handle that traffic. Everybody knows that the premium domain names similar to the ones that have been sold for millions dollars will last for a couple of hours. A good example was a so-called one-hour free domain registration by a New York based company. It was a total disaster. Nobody was able to get into its system.  It is strangely that no one has mentioned this problem afterwards.

5. What about these domain registration companies? Are they going to take care of their customers or register their own domain names?  They can register millions of domain names for themselves.

6. There are some countries' domain names open to any one to register. Why do some firms not use these upper level domains? Some small countries have only several thousand people. They will never be able to use all the domains. I would say that increasing the new TLDs would implicate the problems and make the current situation worse. I wish ICANN would add .BEST, .TOP, or .EST. Then, we will begin another round of gold digging wave.

Competition is the nature of business. Anyone can image what will happen if one day the City of New York suddenly pronounces that anyone can come to the Central Park to grab a piece of land for free.

If we really want to solve the domain shortage problem, the only way we can do is to randomly assign an IP number to anyone who wants a domain name and you have to type these numbers to get into the Internet. In that way, we all will have piece. Instead of frantically rush to register our domain names, we concentrate on developing our businesses.


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