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Username: Joe
Date/Time: Fri, April 14, 2000 at 8:04 PM GMT
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Subject: Kodo, Sorry But Your Premise is Mistaken on Two Fronts


                Hi Kodo,

I do have an interest in domain names, and not adding new TLDs will be to my advantage because of that.  True... but that is not relevant to this issue.  You have mistaken impressions on two fronts:

     800 Numbers Are Not Like Domain Names

In the case of toll-free numbers, there are only 9,999,999 possible numbers for the "800" prefix.  They ran out.  Or might you suggest that we add three more digits to the end of our 10-digit system so that you would have to remember and dial 13 digits every time you called an 800 number? (By the way, (1) Two new 800 prefixes were just added. Without going to look it up, do you know what they are? (2) Within two to three years, we will have to dial 10 digits to call our neighbors in most populated areas.)     

     My Names Are Not That Exclusive. 

I have registered hundreds of names speculatively and I haven't sold one of them yet.  I may end up loosing that investment.  If that happens, then those names will become available for others that are willing to spend the time to think of them and find them, and then spend the money to acquire them and hold on to them. Tough luck to me.  I'm certainly not going to cry to ICANN about it.  It was a decision I made win or lose.  Go check them out.  They have not become as popular as I thought.  Even the web site name, "" is the result of a lot of time and thought.  I would have preferred something that says "Domain" in it, but a good one is not available right now.  I am happy with Amazon is succeeding with an odd name.

Finally, the point here is not whether I will profit or lose.  The point is: What is best for the Internet Community at large.  That includes everyone, users, builders, programmers, registrars, and speculators, in all countries.  These are the people that make all things work and they have affected progress in every stage of human and business development throughout history.  This is just a new area and it presents opportunity for everyone.  Some people resent speculators.  That's their problem.  There are speculators in every industry.

Sorry, got carried away again, but I would hate to see the Internet get any more difficult to use than it is.  By the way, I do agree with you on your point that we would get over it, but new TLDs aren't necessary yet.



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