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Username: Domainator
Date/Time: Sat, April 15, 2000 at 7:10 PM GMT
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Subject: Nothing wrong with IOD or Name-Space---Get Your Facts  Straight Andrew!


      Andrew makes a very passionately agruement that appears to have a disgruntled tone to it against IOD and Namespace...IF anyone is legitimate out there it is these two companies...Andrew brings up the fact that IOD has trademarked names already registered under .web..Here is how IOD will handle this (click on this link --- ) Those people who violate the law will be dealt accordingly with those companies when and if .web goes live.... Sorry Andrew...I could go on Network Solultions right now and register or, etc, etc...See my point....Should we not invent new things, not create new businesses because of potential lawsuits....If we do then the Lawyers really have won....We have laws on the books so that business can flourish and protect themselves at the same time...Will it cost companies to protect there assets...YES...No different then spending money on insurance in case someone slips and falls in your store...Maybe that is what the next craze will be -- trademark insurance protection (right now WIPO handles disputes in the .com cases---good job ICANN)...Nonetheless we must progress and create new gTLDs in light of the risk...NOTE:  We have laws that deal with that and IOD and Name-Space have been following the same rules as the .com partners...Go on NameSpace and under SmartWHois input read.web ...they reference where the name was purchased (NO different if you went on and looked up (you would find that is was purchased from NetSol---Thus IOD and Name-Space have eliminated any redundancy....Yes you have the right to your opinion andrew, but when they are misguided I will always set the record straight...Again..Thanks to ICann for this forum as it will help set the record straight...And if you can prove me wrong...By all means..You definitely have the right to set ME straight...Thank you!


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