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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sat, April 15, 2000 at 8:17 PM GMT
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Subject: Sorry, but I don't believe this problem will arise.



      Again: You are perfectly right pointing out, that a serious problem occurs if the initial registrar of a trademark doesn't keep his trademark active, while he keeps the corresponding domain name (.1, .tm, .reg or any cctld) running.

But this problem will be solved as soon as someone else who has registered that trademark claims for the corresponding domain name.
Anyone rgistering a trademark has to do a research beforehand and therefore knows perfectly well which similar trademarks are currently valid and which are not.

The one who did not keep his trademark active, will then automatically lose the domain-name in question to the new legitimate trademark holder.

Of course all this will not happen automatically, unless trademark databases are linked with .1, .tm and .reg databases, but as soon as someone claims his rights, he gets them.

Therefore I have to put it straight: No disputes will arise through the introduction of .1 (dot one), .tm and .reg gtlds, but the trademark problems, also regarding cctlds, would finally get a fair solution.

I estimate your knowledge of trademark laws very much and am looking forward to your reply.


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