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Username: Domainator
Date/Time: Sat, April 15, 2000 at 9:51 PM GMT
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Subject: My resposne....


      I thank you for your comments...and as well as your foresight on this issue...No doubt there needs to be a special way to recognize trademark holders on the internet, however I think using the TM and REG domains present a problem because it implies that is a legitimate trademark...As I stated before It might be impossible to find out if someone is a legitmate TM holder as I can put up a website called, Domainator and put the TM mark by it (the REG is different as that would be actually a registered trademark..but here again..they have to use it...I just think the costs associated with the research,and time involved (made a little easier with this link ) you as a TM holder might just as well use the dotcom or dotweb name...Because even still...somene (A cyberpirate..not cybersquatter---lame) can still register a TM'd name (.web or .com) and you may have to fight for that...It's just simplier that way for the consumer, ICANN and the government...because the government itself controls the TM'd and REG marks right now...THe government is trying to distance itself and may also cause undo work on their part....I hope I adequately responded to your reply as I do appreciate that..I think open dialogue is good and everyone should look at it that way....One thing I might suggest for TM holders (I am an inventor that gives freely info) would be to create a special emedded code in the TM'd name....that when displayed on the computer screen would let anyone know who the TM owner is...even if someone register AOL.web ....or AOLpeople.web the AOL part would be highlighted..a "bubble" would appear over the name letting you know as a consumer who the actual TM owner is...(THis would be a very easy way to track your TM)..Of course this doesn't stop people from trying to cyberpirate a name, but everyone would at least know who the real TM owner is...As I stated before it might be tough to do this...but I am sure some software company would like to make a fortune by selling (signature TM's)...Here do you regulate this...Take care friend..good day!  SPECIAL NOTE:  If someone does patent the above idea...All I ask is for name recognition only!!


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