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Username: jandl
Date/Time: Mon, October 16, 2000 at 12:56 AM GMT (Sun, October 15, 2000 at 8:56 PM EDT)
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Subject: You are really missing the point


      Let's put it this way.  The other "cooperating" root systems recognize first use and include all the ICANN TLD's in the rootzone.  You cannot have two of the same TLD's in the rootzone.  One would have to be eliminated from that zone.  This is called fragmenting the net.  The only other solution would be to put the existing TLD operator out of business  which is not only wrong, but would not be likely to happen that easily.  In addition, it would create a truly horrible precedent where an entity could simply decide it wanted to take over another's identity and disregard any responsibility to it.

The intent of forming the ICANN corporation was to avoid this potential hazard.  Instead, they are causing it.

Yes, a court could decide.  In the meantime, the net would be a mess for all the years it would take to resolve it.  The ONLY way to avoid the mess is to recognize existing entities and respect them and cooperate in that recognition.  It would be simple.  Just add the existing TLD's to the a-root just like the ccTLDs. 

Listen up ICANN.

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