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Username: sw
Date/Time: Tue, October 24, 2000 at 7:45 AM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Not very well-thought


        I agree when you say
>The basic problem of people with identical names
>has not been circumvented. Simply adding numbers
>to a first name i.e. destroys the
>consistent structure that the rest of the domain
>seeks to apply.
I see no use in having my first name combined with numbers, I'm not John1234, I'm John and stop.. I would not spend any money for such a name, and I think most people would do the same, or perhaps register such a name and then go on using their plain old email address.

>The communicative features of the application
>are interesting and innovative but can be
>applied adequately using contemporary e-mail.
>addresses / structures.
Why bother having a PID when one has a good email address she can redirect to whatever media she wants.. to other email, forward to a virtual fax, to a mobile phone.. We already have plenty of ways for managing our email in virtually unlimited ways, even with Open Source and free software.. why should we pay for a registrar to do this for us using proprietary processes and technology?

Also, keep in mind that Dada s.p.a. proved one of the worst registrar for .it (Italian) domains, letting people wait for more than three months for an .it domain to be registered (while others were registering in 20/25 days, in the first half of 2000) because they could not contact the registrant.. maybe they're supporting the PID so they could have no more those problems.. quite shameful, though..

I wonder how they could manage PIDs for the whole world, or coordinate a bulk of registrars that do that.. perhaps you'll end up paying for a PID today, and see it registered (maybe with errors, it also happened to me..) three years later.. not bad.. I'll stick with my good .org, registered in 10 minutes, and print that on my business cards.. no one will miss my mailbox.. even without PID..

They flood everybody with a lot of ads, but seem to have an inadequate structure to handle what they promise.. Also, I would expect a company to propose a detailed technical overview to the world before starting flooding with PID ads.. but the official site has no more than a silly and uninforming ad.. do they think we're all blind buyers out here..? There are still a lot of people with a good technological understanding, and with committment to Open Source and not willing to let a central company handle everything on the Net, a la Big Brother..

Also, we're quite tired of company considering security issues as an after thought.. where is the security and privacy plan for this TLD..? Oh, how could they have that if they don't know what a "port scanning" is when you report you had one from their dialup network..? What about DNSSEC, and other relevant security issues?

Dada could always register something like and use that as TLD.





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