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Username: sk
Date/Time: Wed, October 25, 2000 at 12:40 AM GMT
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Subject: Further explanation


        The idea behind a new gTLD is the creation of an innovative service to be used by the entire internet comunity. Basically our idea is that internet is born to serve persons and then our project is fully dedicated to them.
Thinking about persons and their needs, we have proposed the .PID tld.
In fact .PID is more than a simple new TLD, it should be considered as a new tool intented to make easy the localization of persons indipendently of the mean used to contact them.
The problem of duplicated names is common of all gTLD or ccTLD currently used.
The domain name attribution mechanism we have in mind, is designed in a manner to avoid any illegal attribution and the massive registration of domains by a single person or other entity to use them later for commercial or own purposes.
It will be allowed to register uniquely or for a single person.
The experience DADA spa acquired in the domain registration is daily appreciated by the high number of new registrants either in gTLD or ccTLD extentions.
The forum activated by ICANN for the new TLD cannot be used to discuss a single case or private questions. The goal of the forum is a democratic discussion about the validity of the contents of the application. By the way, we suggest to contact directly our technical or customer support staff to clarify and discuss any kind of question that our customers desire.

Stofa Kenida , Maura Cannaviello.


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