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Username: hunter
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 1:13 PM GMT
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Subject: Many people with the same name


I believe that the time is right for a personal name registry, however I do not believe that this proposal addresses a serious issue which is that of inclusively - it cannot offer EVERY applicant a memorable personal address.

How will the registry offer a memorable address to multiple people with the same name? There are over 10,000 people in just the UK with the name 'John Smith', how many of them could have a .PID address.
Clearly, 'John Smith' is a worst case name, but in the UK there are over 100 people sharing even the 40,000th most popular full name. Since the US shares a similar nameset to the UK I would guess that even with the introduction of middle initials and forenames there will not be enough names to go around.

Whilst nicknames can be used to increase the number of available domain, these will only really be attractive to young people. Those over 30, or those who want to use their personal domain in their professional lives are unlikely to want to use nicknames.

I believe that this is a key issue because if a personal name registry can only offer an attractive domain name to the first handful of individuals with each name then

a) it is not a global naming resource open to all
b) there will be a fast 'land grab' when the registry is opened up because there will demonstrably only be a restricted number of attractive domain names

Could DADA please explain how it proposes to address this.

Thank you



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