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Username: China Airlines
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 6:15 AM GMT
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Subject: Support for .air


     On behalf of China Airlines, we wish to express our support for the creation of ".air" that SITA is currently sponsoring on behalf of the air-transport community.

The creation of ".air" will offer major potential benefits for more secure services and applications for the community.

Procedures in all areas will be simplified and rationalised at commercial, operational, aircraft engineering and airport levels while facilitating the development of standards and processes according to their needs.

Most importantly, safety will be enhanced through fast and easy access. The community will gain a coherent image vis-à-vis its growing base of e-consumers, offering them the services they require today.

In view of the benefits highlighted above, we strongly recommend that the ".air" TLD be approved by ICANN and be deployed in the nearest possible future.


David Wu
Vice President
Information Management Division
China Airlines


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