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Username: RDelgado
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 3:20 PM GMT
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Subject: 33 African Airlines Support ".air"


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From afraa on 3 November 2000
To :
Copy To : (bcc: Theodore Aissy)
Subject : Support for dot air

Support letter for ".air"

The proposal for the creation of ".air" for the extended air- transport community at large has retained our interest.

Indeed, we believe it is likely to bring significant improvements to the way air transport operates. Safety is the main concern for air
transportation, secure, structured deployment of a new, community-owned TLD in cyberspace will certainly mark an important step forward.

We welcome this not-for-profit environment in which the new domain name will be administered, with a transparent cost sharing structure.

On behalf of African Airlines Association "AFRAA",  I am pleased to
support the ".air" TLD submitted by SITA to ICANN.


Christian E. Folly-Kossi
AFRAA Secretary General



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