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Username: jwbean
Date/Time: Thu, November 2, 2000 at 5:13 AM GMT
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Subject: Not MUSEA, but .museum


      I think that the establishment of a TLD that is specifically for museums is a great idea because it clarifies what is, sadly, a confusing situation now. People don't even know what .org, .com and .net are about, so I know that .anything short of the word museum would be an incomplete answer the the existing confusion. And, of course, the superstar fame of DOT-COM (the source of so much of the difficulty) can probably not be turned around by anything less than absolute clarity. Nothing does that as well as .museum itself. This will be a great boon to us all if it is achieved.

I am the Executive Director of a museum (and half of the staff at that) and I deal with the fact that people keep putting .com after our name all the time... they could certainly learn .museum and remember it.

Executive Director of The Leather Archives & Museum, located in Chicago and serving the wrold.

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