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Username: Support Notification
Date/Time: Sat, November 4, 2000 at 11:04 AM GMT
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Subject: Support from Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais Uruguay


        1 Nov 2000
I am very impressed with The Museum Domain Management Association
(MUSEDOMA) now that I have read all the information.

It is a very needed effort and I am sure it will benefit of the museum
community world-wide and the Internet itself. To have to institutions as ICOM and the Getty verify the authenticity, the accessibility, control the quality and "help the ever-growing professional and non-professional audiences that rely on online communication and education" is very important and the isolation that now exists might end. To bridge the digital divide is another issue I find of extreme importance particularly for Third World countries. The fact that you are interested in providing new means of addressing "issues such as intellectual property and provision of the suite of services in support of getting, and keeping, museums on the web" is also very relevant.

Therefore I fully support a shared domain identity.

Alicia Haber



Virtual Museum of Arts El Pais


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