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Username: Joe
Date/Time: Sat, April 15, 2000 at 1:04 AM GMT
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Subject: Not true kodo, It just would dilute things more


        Kodo, the key thing to remember is not having a name you want, but having a name that potential users or customers could find.  We need to face the fact that there is a finite combination of possibilities that people can easily remember.  Remember, a combination of words before the TLD could accomplish the same thing anyway.  For example, 

are ALL available at this writing.  Why would YOU want these same four prefixes to be available with another ten possible endings.  That means that your customers would have another 40 ways to make mistakes in finding you.  Having just a few ways to end these names makes plenty of sense to me.  What you propose is to have your (and my) customers remember your domain out of:  

     BuyQualityArt.web           OnlineArtBuy.web
     OnlineQualityArt.web        QualityOnlineArt.web

     BuyQualityArt.firm          OnlineArtBuy.firm
     OnlineQualityArt.firm       QualityOnlineArt.firm 

     BuyQualityArt.123           OnlineArtBuy.123
     OnlineQualityArt.123        QualityOnlineArt.123

I'm telling you Kodo, adding all these new TLDs will only serve to confuse and discourage the Internet user community.  We are already at the point of information overload without this confusion.  Just look at how difficult it is to find relevant information now.

If they add more TLDs, you may be able to get a name you like now, but in a year, two things will happen, (1).  Others will be saying the same thing you are saying now.  "Why is it so unfair?"  "Why can't I get the name that kodo has?" (2).  Your customers and end users will be scratching their heads trying to remember what the name of your site or business is.  Come on, lets wake up.

This whole speculation thing will eventually settle out as it is.  Why punish the Internet community of users so that a few of us can get a domain we want now, when we know that the same problem will pop up again.  I hope and pray that ICANN will come to see this.



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