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Username: friedrich
Date/Time: Sun, April 16, 2000 at 3:53 PM GMT
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Subject: Kodo, you made a point against yourself.


                            Let's count: In your example you gave 9 .com domain names, which are currently reoffered at high prices.
You say, that these names are not to be registered at reasonable prices anymore within the existing gtlds and therefore new gtlds are needed.

Kodo, this is a very week point you made, because the following 6 of these 9 names can be registered at 70$ whitin the existing gtlds: and and .org. and .org. and .org. and .org.

If you say, that .net and .org is less "interesting" than .com, then you must live with the answer that .web or any other new gtld will be less interesting than .com, too and therefore no new gtld has to be added at all.

A good thing with new gtlds would be to give the Internet a chance of a better order, but as no control to force people respect that possible order is wanted (I think no one would appreciate an Internet police watching how and where you register you domain names) this remains nothing more than a hope.

But: Adding new gtlds makes sense, if you can overcome the existing trademark problems with it and if you want to give all the people who pre-registered a domain name a chance (by the way: I am among them ...).

Just don't try to tell me, that new gtlds are "necessary" because no names are available anymore: 2/3 of the names you gave in your example ARE available!



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