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Username: jandl
Date/Time: Sun, October 29, 2000 at 9:10 PM GMT (Sun, October 29, 2000 at 5:10 PM EDT)
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Subject: ridiculous


        Leah wrote:       
"Let's not be silly here.  In addition, there is nothing that says a person has to put up a website within any particular timeframe in com/net/org.  Want lame delegations?  Check the NSI registry and see how many domain names resolve out of the several million registered"

  >       If you are not aware, there are a number of ways to overcome cybersquatting and domain name speculation :

>      (i) Registries should never allow any lame delegations. The MY NIC ( refuses to register domains if they are lame delegations, i.e. name servers not responding authoritively.

That is certainly up to the TLD manager(s).  You might suggest that to NSI and all other registrars. :)  It is not about to happen, since by the time the zones are set up for dns, the name will be gone.

>      (ii) Registries should make sure that the minimum name servers allowed for any one SLD to be registered is TWO (2) or more.

Really.  So an ISP who is setting up additional servers cannot use them for two years?  I don't think so.

>      (iii) Registries should also make sure that for every SLD to be registered, the name servers are on different international backbones.

Not likely, since there are some areas that don't even have more than one available.

>      (iv) Registry may use pricing mechanisms however registry should be aware that if the prices are too high the TLD may have less demand.

Again, that is up to the registry/registrars.

>     I hope that helps you to understand what is a "good" registry and "bad" one.

Dream on.

There are much easier ways to discourage speculation, but I won't bother...
--Eugene Kang


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