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Username: wehberf
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 9:48 PM GMT
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Subject: Somewhat confused??


Taken from PhilBerent's post regarding idomains application.

"We maintain that, if granted, the iDomains application for the .biz would result in a new TLD which, for the reasons stated below, would not be significantly different from the “.com” TLD with all
the cyberhoarding, cybersquatting and domain name speculation problems which that implies"
My reply:

It is my understanding that the Idomains application addresses this issue by forcing the end user to produce proof of using this domain for a legimiate .biz use."  As to stop cyberhording I feel that the proposal more than adaquatly covers this... and if anyone can show me a 100% foolproof way to stop it.... by all means show me.. because from what I can understand it is impossible...

Taken from PhilBerent's post regarding idomains application.

"Under these provisions there would be nothing to prevent a speculator from registering 5,000 names using one or more false identities, with the intent to sell the names rather than to use them actively."

My Reply:

If someone lies about who they are.. and goes about creating false identities managing 5000 diffrent e-mail obtain 5000 diffrent domains and Paying for each domain... it sounds more like a logistial nightmare rather than an actual for profit idea... in essance there is NO way someone will go through all the trouble to manage 5000 e-mail addresses just to go cybersquating... I can't see it happening... and suppose they decide to put them all under one domain... like all go to then then that would surly raise all sorts of red flags... in essance it just can't happen that way... Idomains took all the neccessary actions to stop that sort of activity.

- Robert Wellbe


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