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Username: Guide International
Date/Time: Wed, November 1, 2000 at 7:41 PM GMT
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Score: 5
Subject: Support for .event


   As an end user of this type of proposed TLD, I am a great supporter of .event, and the whole idea of subdomians. In business on the internet the main problem is how reach the right customer and how to get them to your site. Till now this has been a shot in the dark effort at best and a financial disaster at worst. Now ICANN has a way and means to organize the internet, allow search engines a way to find the right sites for the user, and expand the internet all at the same time. Business needs to get on the internet, but how to do it in a way that you can drive more customers into your business? With this TLD I can get the name I want, one that describes my business, but ICANN get a TLD that can covers a wide range of sites. TLDs also need to be restricted. Iím so tired of looking for a company, product, or information only to do a search and then click on a site only to find it is a porno site. I donít want that happening to my hard earned customers.
After reading Internet Events Internationalís proposal I think they are the right people with the right idea. I think most of the businesses out there are looking for this type of leadership and direction. These are people we can do business with. I think business are looking for organization of the internet, better ways to search the internet to get customers to our sites, the use of multi-language protocol, and leadership both from ICANN and the Registry Operator. I think Internet Events Internationalís proposal to use of multi-language protocol, a restricted TLD, and by bringing domains together categorically through the use of a sub-domain system is way to do this. It is my hope that ICANN will very seriously consider grating their proposal.


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