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Username: quasar
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 4:50 PM GMT
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Subject: Reply to Loren Hollingsworth and All (LONG)


It appears that many have been waiting to see my reply to Loren Hollingsworth.  First, I wish to say I am pleased to meet you.  I've gone through yours and the rest of the applications for new TLDs for inclusion in the root zone currently coordinated by ICANN and wanted to do so thoroughly before commenting in this forum.

This may surprise you but we agree on many things.  Interestingly, this  does not surprise me at all.  Although my comments address specifically the .EVENT TLD much of what I am about to say can be very generally applied to any TLD and the internet as a whole.  I also wish to note that the comments here do not come from any collective organization but are those of myself from the perspective of @quasar Internet Solutions, Inc.

There does, however, seem to be some misconception about our intentions and misconception about the ORSC root zone which I will attempt to also address.

First, we obviously agree on the need for the .EVENT TLD.  After reading your application the biggest thing that stands out is your enthusiasm and vision for this TLD.  Some of your application reminded me much of myself when I first added the .EVENT TLD to the ORSC root zone last year before ICANN opened up their current public process for so doing.

ORSC is, just as you state, a "root zone."  This root zone is one of many and has provided (and is providing successfully) technical resolution of our .EVENT TLD.  You are not applying for resolution of your .EVENT in the ORSC root zone nor have I applied at this time for resolution of the existing .EVENT in the root zone currently being coordinated by ICANN.

Contrary to many of the posts I have seen on this forum, ORSC is not some closely-held membership organization but is at this time a "root zone" utilized by many companies and individuals with sometimes differing intentions, goals and business models.  There do, however, seem to be a lot of issues on which the participants agree.  Perhaps the largest of these issues are a desire for an open, stable, scaleable, robust and secure internet.  To this end, certain requirements do exist for inclusion in of a TLD in the ORSC root zone. 

The ORSC root zone currently resolves and recognizes the TLDs from hosts which are functioning and authoritative for them based on a "first use" premise.  This presently includes, as a courtesy, all of the top level domains and their respective hosts which are currently included in the root zone being coordinated by ICANN.  It is because of this that there is no fragmentation of the namespace within the ORSC root zone and no collisions with anything in the root zone currently coordinated by ICANN.

I am only using the term "first use" in this context as it pertains to the technical organizational structure of the ORSC root zone.  This above section is not addressing any intellectual property issues which may pertain to any particular string of characters, TLD or otherwise.  I do note, however that the term "journalized" (and if I am not mistaken it would have to be "journalized" in public) in relation to a TLD would seem to be evidenced by it being in use in commerce.  But that would be something for the courts, as you stated, to decide were it to ever be a problem. 

As a side note, @quasar Internet Solutions, Inc. did not "wait" as your post states, until after "other companies had already invested thousands of labor hours and thousands of dollars in the preparation of proposals, to claim a pre-emptive right to certain TLDs".  The existence of the existing .EVENT TLD is not only found in the ORSC namespace but references to it are found easily in the .com namespace and offline in the press.  We also sent a "statement of intent" to ICANN's previous forum as requested when you did.  Although it sits here as sent email to the prescribed address, it was for some reason never posted as yours was.

I am also not sure where you received your information regarding any conceptualization or experience we may have in the events industry.  Regardless, the operation of a top level domain is a technical mission only fueled by a vision and purpose for the associated industry or TLD.  We have used very little of our experience in the events/entertainment industry in the operation of the existing .EVENT TLD.  I have often laughingly referred to myself as an "entertainment person, kidnapped by geeks."

I do not see either ICANN nor yourselves as an adversary.  I see us all as stakeholders with a common goal.  It has been somewhat amazing to me within the ORSC root zone how any potential collisions have been circumvented between potentially conflicting TLDs by "individuals" speaking as "individuals."  Every potential conflict within this root zone which I have seen has been worked out peacefully prior to any collisions.  I would also not expect ICANN to recommend to you the transition of our .EVENT domains to your registry (nor would I).  The current registrants in any TLDs managed by us in the ORSC root zone are fully aware of where they are and under what circumstances.

The internet was originally a means for computers to connect to other computers; for communication to take place between entities.  It moves and changes so quickly that it nearly seems to have taken on a life of its own.  My vision for the internet always reverts to that basic beginning in the knowledge that the technologies of today will become obsolete and new and better ways to communicate will replace them in the future.  In this, there is plenty of room for everyone.

I welcome any further communication with you that you might desire either via email or by telephone.  You can reach me toll-free Monday through Friday during our business office hours of 8:30 - 5:30 EST.  The number is on our main website.  I think there are some ways we may be of benefit to one another.


Dena A. Whitebirch, President
@quasar Internet Solutions, Inc.



Link: .EVENT in the ORSC Root Zone

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