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Re: [alac] regional, cultural, city TLDs

  • To: "ALAC" <alac@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Subject: Re: [alac] regional, cultural, city TLDs
  • From: Jean Armour Polly <mom@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 22:35:57 -0500

Would the following even work:
ICANN gives up on the process for creating TLDs itself but instead concentrates on just the technical considerations. Instead, it certifies various providers capable of running a TLD without breaking anything.
That is the part of the process that would take some vetting.

Anyone could propose a new TLD but they have to use one of the ICANN-vetted "caterers" to host their party.
Then I'm thinking something like trademark law process kicks in-- could be a period of X days when the proposed TLD is "published" for public comment-- if anyone with cause disputes the rights to it for trademark or copyright reasons etc, something happens while it is all sorted out-- otherwise the TLD goes through and is created. The new TLD holder has to pay the going rate to the caterer of choice, and ICANN has already negotiated flat fees with each caterer.

At 9:01 PM -0500 1/18/06, John R Levine recently said:
I totally agree - the role of the Board should be to set the policy and then
review it periodically, not sit and personally evaluate each applicant...
seems like they want to make work for themselves, or create a bottleneck and
discourage applicants by attrition! How long does it take now? 6 years? and
thousands and thousands of dollars!

The board's culture of secrecy makes it hard to tell what they're thinking, but the impression I get is that they are deeply divided about what to do for new TLDs, with the opinions ranging from approve none to approve everything. It's going to be a challenge for them to agree on a policy, but they really need to do it. If the debate were more open, perhaps we could even give them helpful advice. The questions Susan Crawford has been asking are a good start.

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