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Username: sns
Date/Time: Sat, October 21, 2000 at 12:15 AM GMT
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Subject: Support for .geo from Earth II and SNS


I am the founder of the Earth II proposal, and the publisher of the Strategic News Service, and I am writing in support of the .geo tld proposal. 

Having spent several years working on the potential uses for a global linkage very similar to this one, I want to share my experiences with ICANN: I believe that there is a global demand which spans markets, technologies, and (of course) geographies, which would be well-served by .geo.  Specifically, my experience, gained through maintaining a website on this subject for several years, and from numerous replies to Strategic News Service issues on this subject, has been that there is widespread support for almost all of the resulting applications that such a global addressing system would allow.

I believe that implementing this GIS-like global addressing system is qualitatively different from other dotplaces suggestions, and that it would not only allow such suggestions to also flourish, but would serve the larger purpose of integrating location data into the substance of the Web.  Such integration will offer a platform to any and all future users, ASPs, and service providers. 

Because location is now a crucial aspect of global data, implenting this tld would be of significant assistance to the community at large.

Please consider this a top priority.

mark anderson
publisher, SNS
president, technology alliance partners
founder, Earth II


Link: strategic news service

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