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Username: dimo
Date/Time: Thu, October 26, 2000 at 10:49 AM GMT
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Subject: Letter of support


        I support SRI's proposal for .geo tld.

The web's greatest value is promoting democracy in culture, politics, education, health, environment and commerce.  It does so by enabling and empowering communication worldwide, not only in the US and Europe.

One of the defining aspects of any individual and her or his materialization in the world of family and friends, culture, entertainment, politics, education, health, environment and commerce is their location.  If we breath, think and do, we do so in a certain place and it is a defining element of our existence.  While there are purely virtual and digitizable activities and experiences to be had, what defines us is who we love, the music of our region, the politics of the day, our local educational (mis)matches, the smell of our surroundings and how we do business.  There is certainly more to this.

Unless the person or group I would be communicating with on the Internet is dealing with purely virtual and digitizable activities and experiences, I want to know about their physicality, be able to search for everybody on a geographic basis as well.  The .geo proposal aims to deliver on this issue and to humanize the Web.  Its objective and ideas are very important for local communities, in particular outside the US, and to some extent Europe.

The implications are important for sustainable development, cultural and biological diversity and assisting communication between people outside the US and Europe.  Criticism has been tabled in this discussion and I am sure SRI greatly appreciates these as they can only improve its ambitions. 

.geo should be given the opportunity to succeed (as well as to fail).

ICANN: lets give it a shot!

Best regards


Disclaimer: Dimo Calovski works with the United Nations in Geneva.  The views expressed are not necessarily those of the United Nations or any of its bodies.     


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