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Username: adoyle
Date/Time: Tue, October 31, 2000 at 8:23 PM GMT
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Subject: .geo plus .i = ?


SRI International has applied for the .geo TLD (Top Level Domain) under the current ICANN application process.

Sarnoff Corporation has applied for the .i TLD in a joint application with Atomic Tangerine, Inc. and NextDNS, Inc. Sarnoff Corporation is wholly owned by SRI International, Atomic Tangerine is 40% owned by SRI International and NextDNS is a new venture whose "principal stakeholders of NextDNS include Sarnoff, AtomicTangerine, and Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, Inc."

The two proposals sound quite similar in how they wax enthusiastic about the potential benefits of the TLDs. In both cases, the DNS (Domain Name System) is to be used as a fast indexing mechanism to allow the creation of new services.

What's extremely intriguing about this is that the .geo proposal aims to provide access to every place on earth by providing a name space which allows indexing of everything that has a location. The .i proposal aims to provide access to every person and device on earth by providing a name space which allows indexing of every person and device by a unique identifying number.

While I'm willing to believe (given the fact that I've been part of a large company before) that the two proposals were independently submitted, I do have to wonder at what would happen if a single entity (SRI International in this case) were to control access to two vast information spaces such as this.       
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