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Username: Spaceman
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 9:53 PM GMT
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Subject: the dot-geo and its potential positive effects


      As a member of the ISO standards communities and a developer of solutions in the fields that deal with geolocated information I think that the time for .geo is now.  In the past year our firm has worked with several agencies in many countries to evaluate their needs regarding infrastructure, communication and interoperability and one of the key missing components is the framework proposed by SRI. 

We have just completed a study for the Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure and based on our findings I believe that .geo can have a positive effect on the developing national efforts.  With regard to the issues that were raised by Mr. Kottman, I think we haved evolved far enough along in our quest to make geographical applications mainstream to recognize another positive move.  Just as OGC provided a less restrictive forum than the conventional standards groups and helped bring the big players to the standards arena, the .geo will  increase the awareness of the power of spatial computing beyond the traditional boundaries.

I think the .geo is a good thing and I hope the proposal succeeds.

Henry Kucera
Spatial Solutions
Holonics Data Management Group 


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