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Username: neiltrevett
Date/Time: Sun, October 29, 2000 at 6:32 AM GMT
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Subject: Web3D Consortium supports .geo



The Web3D Consortium wholeheartedly supports the .geo top-level domain
name proposal from SRI International. We believe that this facility
will introduce a completely new type of service to the Web, one that
has vast potential to increase the market share of 3D on the Web.

The Web3D Consortium is a non-profit organization with a mandate to
develop and promote open standards to enable 3D Web and broadcast
applications. The Consortium successfully gained approval for VRML 97
as International Standard ISO/IEC 14772 in December 1997 and is
currently driving the X3D project to create the next evolution of the
VRML standard. The Consortium is comprised of over 100 leading
corporations and educational institutions and over 50 individual
Professional Members contributing their expertise to Consortium

The Consortium believes that the .geo proposal offers a novel and
efficient use of the DNS for indexing and searching all data on the
Web based upon a physical geospatial coordinate. Something that is not
possible today on the Web. With this capability, along with the
convergence of consumer-level 3D graphics cards and open graphics
standards such as VRML and X3D, we see the creation of new markets and
services across diverse fields such as tourism, education, online
gaming, real-estate, location-based wireless services, and geographic
information systems. These will ultimately benefit the end-user by
providing more direct and timely access to the relevant information
that they desire.

We strongly urge ICANN to select the .geo gTLD and enable these new
services on the Web today.

Neil Trevett
Web3D Consortium


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