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Username: Hunter
Date/Time: Fri, October 27, 2000 at 4:18 AM GMT
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Subject: Confusion about .TVís finances


        I donít understand the numbers entered into the DNC proposal

Section D13.1.2 says that the Company began registering .tv domain names in April, 2000

In section D13.4.3 Internal interim financial statements through August, 2000 for .TV are referenced as Exhibit J. This outline document shows .TVís revenues at $1.433m for the 5 months April 200 to August 2000 Ė ie this is their total revenue from .TV names.

Section 13.1.2 says that as of September 25, 2000 dotTV had registered over 100,000 names within the .tv top-level domain.

By my calculation this means that the average price per domain name sold is $14 ($1,433,000 / 100,000). Yet the cheapest .TV domain name available on their web site is priced at $50.

Further, it is clear from their press releases that some premium .TV names have been sold for large amounts., and were each sold for $100,000 which gives an average sale price for the other 99,997 domains as $11.

On Oct 3rd, 2000 the Financial Times reported ĎBusiness for dotTV is going so well that the company recently paid Tuvalu Dollars 20m.í.

These numbers donít appear to reconcile. Could someone from .TV please explain this.

Thank you


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