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Username: PinkFish
Date/Time: Fri, November 3, 2000 at 2:20 AM GMT
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Subject: dot whatever


I hope this post finds all you people in the best of health. I've been an eager follower of the gTLD race. Got to admit it looks like money in the bank for the company that gets the nod.

I personally don't buy the idea that the internet population is going to go for third level domain names at all. There's too many ccTLDs out there which are lying unused.

ICANN should make sure they do not flood the market with many more domain names that destroy the value of having a domain. If the same thing that happened to hotmail happens with personal domains then imagine millions of unused domains acquired by people and never used.

I hate to blow sun shine up any one's ass but the dotnom consortium sounds like a winning team to me. They have what it takes to build a globally scalable infrastructure around the gTLDs they would market.

CORE also looks like a good option. But 18 registrar's ? How many cooks will it take to spoil this broth?



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