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Username: Bruce Speyer
Date/Time: Sun, October 29, 2000 at 7:15 PM GMT
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Subject: qualification of medical information sources?


        It is impossible and unfair to select the #1 health information source and site for any given area such as men's health, oncology, etc.  But the .health tld proposal will assign to a single one of the world's organization and medical information sources.

Who will be designated as the single most important and best source for medical information?  A government institution? one of the major professional organizations? an existing health information web site? commercial or non-commercial? a major healthcare institution?  a non-profit organization? 

Rather, to be fair and serve the highest purpose to the world the .health domain should be used as a directory service to lists of qualified health information providers.  List qualification should be determined by an open standards process. 

This could be accomplished by reserving the 2nd level domain under .health to these directory entries ;ike and then using the 3rd level domain to reference specific web sites and medical information sources.  Or, perhaps it would be sufficient to reserve a set of key 2nd level names for this directory service and leave the rest for allocation to specific health care resources.

Sadly, the current proposal will lead to decisions based upon whoever currently holds the most political sway.


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