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Username: JaseK
Date/Time: Wed, November 15, 2000 at 11:53 AM GMT
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Subject: Vote 'No Confidence' in Ken Stubbs - please post a reply if you agree.


        Vote of No Confidence in Ken Stubbs...

Anyone remotely interested in the ICANN process of selection should be aware of the blatant conflict of interest surrounding Ken Stubbs.

Ken Stubbs is both an applicant for the .web top level domain, and a
chairman within ICANN, involved in the final decision process for the new TLDs.

He is the chairman of the Names Council, and is also the Chairman for CORE; one of Afilias' member entities, who are applying for ownership of the .web tld.

How can ICANN possibly select the best applicant for the .web domain with Ken Stubbs involved in the process?

Are ICANN going to allow Chris Ambler of IOD an 'honourary vote' in the final decision to counter Ken Stubbs? Something tells me not.

Ken Stubbs should either immediately resign, or be asked to step down by ICANN itself, under recusal.

Failure to do this will make a (worse) mockery of ICANNs' efforts to date.

In ICANN's TLD Update Document dated 1/11/200, ICANN seem to identify Directors who may have a Conflict of Interest in the selection process.

Where is Ken Stubbs on this list... or are they hoping we haven't noticed?

If you agree with a motion to remove Ken Stubbs, please post your support as a reply.


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