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Username: Anthony 2nd
Date/Time: Wed, November 15, 2000 at 2:14 PM GMT
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Subject: These confilcts of interest are harming ICANN


Its not just CORE and DNSO / ICANN.

Mr Stubbs is also reported to hold senior positions at Afilias (in addition to CORE) and iDomain.

As Melbourne IT is a CORE member, Mr. Stubbs is in a position to directly benefit from seventeen of the applications that passed through the initial selection if they are chosen.

It should be noted that CORE is also involved in the museum, health and post applications as well.

The point is that even if these applications are actually better and ICANN was to appropriately approve them on their merits alone, then the position adopted by Mr Stubbs wholely undermines ICANNs authority.

Simply, how can anyone trust them when they condone this level of self interest?



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