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Username: retronics1
Date/Time: Sat, October 28, 2000 at 6:39 AM GMT
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Subject: REJECT DotLaw, Inc.'s Proposal


      Although I would love to see a .law TLD, I would be very distressed to see DotLaw Inc as the registrar. 

I find DotLaw Inc's Proposal to be extremely offensive.  They are attempting to "REGULATE" who says and does what on the internet.  That goes against the very grain of the internet.

For this company and it's founders to believe that they have the right to be the POLICE for .LAW or any other TLD is unbelievable.

Please read the following it is from there internet site
In contrast, the .law domain will be planned, populated and managed from its inception. dotLaw's registration, content and management policies aim to ensure .law domain integrity and a focus on reliable and comprehensive law related content. Click here to see the proposed topography of the .law domain (large image file).

Names that are registered in the .law domain will be classified into one of several name categories. Applications in each category are subject to a unique verification process. The domain name categories under .law will include:

Law Firm
A domain name for a law firm, for example Applicants for these domain names will be verified as authorized representatives of their firms.
A domain name for an individual attorney, for example Registration applications for these names will be subject to verification and proof of licensure.
Legal Association
A domain name for a law related association. For example Applicants for these domain names will be verified as authorized representatives of their organizations.
A domain name for a company that provides legal services such as research, court reporting, trial graphics, and expert witness services. An example name of this type might be Verification of applications for these type of names will include confirmation of their business purpose for the legal community.
A domain name from a reserved list of legal keywords. For example These keyword sites will be a source of complete, unbiased, accurate and timely content related to the subject. Sponsoring and publishing content in these sites will be reserved for individuals or organizations with respected authority on the subject.
Geography based sub domain names. These sites will contain locally orientated content.
The .law MetaDirectory
A key component of the .law domain will be the domain MetaDirectory. The MetaDirectory can be thought of as a keyword cross-index with data from every site registered in the domain. MetaDirectory entries are created each time a new domain is created under the TLD. It will be updated at regular intervals adding, deleting and modifying entries based on changes in domain content.

The MetaDirectory links attorneys to other attorneys, geographic areas and firms  to their areas of expertise or specialty. The MetaDirectory inverts those links as well, linking content on particular subjects to particular attorneys, firms, associations and vendors in particular geographic regions.

Certain reserved sites in the domain will contain data from the MetaDirectory in addition to their primary content. For example in addition to non-biased information on trusts, will contain auto generated content from the MetaDirectory that links to attorneys and firms that specialize in trusts. It will also auto-link to geographically specific trust related content

Again I will say this company has NO business being a Registrar of TLD'S.  The way in which they wish to REGULATE who gets a TLD from them goes against current Supreme Court Rulings that have been made.

I would love to see ICANN authorize the companies that are currently Registrars of TLD'S to add .LAW to their inventory.

But, if it is a choice between NO .law or a .law GOVERNED by DotLAw Inc then the choice is EASY.  
No .law at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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