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Username: dotLawInc
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 6:53 PM GMT
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Subject: Further Clarifications About DotLaw, Inc


The legal content summaries (i.e. will be relatively generic at least in the overview sections and will be reviewed and updated regularly. State-specific content will also be reviewed regularly and none of these sections will attempt to practice law or to take the place of legal counsel. The content sections will however help users select practitioners that they can contact in regard to these legal subjects. Liability under this model should be limited.

The practitioners with addresses on .law will have been certified as having graduated from an appropriate law school and also be in good standing with their respective Bar Association. This is already far better than the "Yellow Pages" example you alluded to in your question.

The "big guns" like Lexis will make their own business decisions about whether they migrate their legal databases to .law. Clearly that would be an advantage for the .law initiative. The cost versus benefit for a solo practitioner or small law practice will be especially favorable since these practices don't have website development resources in-house and the .law "individualized dynamic professional portal" of which there is an example on  will be the most efficient way to establish a professional web presence.

Employment links and services will be a necessary and important part of the new .law domain. Our hope is that with a dedicated new .law top level domain that some unique job search features can be offered to improve the current sub-optimal employment efforts on the Internet.

Respectfully submitted,
DotLaw, Inc.



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