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Username: dotLawInc
Date/Time: Sun, November 5, 2000 at 6:28 PM GMT
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Subject: Re: Comments of Thompson Hine & Flory LLP


        We have read and appreciate the input of Mr. David Hooker, Managing Partner of Thompson Hine & Flory, LLP.   However, in considering these comments, we believe the following additional points should be considered.  As part of dotLaw's fiduciary responsibilities of being a sponsored domain, we will obtain input from the legal community, ensure the interest of the profession and the Internet public will be adequately represented and have appropriate consideration of current ethical guidance's and regulations of the profession.  We will accomplish this responsibility by hiring a management team with legal backgrounds (e.g., our CEO will have a law background).  A Domain Advisory Board made up of representatives from the legal community will support our management team.  You can view an outline of the board structure on our website, 

We view this board as critical to meeting the needs of the domain community and the success of .law.  We are actively having discussions with various individuals and associations as to membership on this Board.   Specifically, we have had several discussions with the American Bar Association and recently, at their request, submitted a proposal outlining the structure for their involvement in the domain.  We also sent letters to all state bar associations introducing the dotlaw proposal, requesting their input on the application process and additional input on an on-going basis should we be awarded the contract by ICANN. 

The items outlined above are our plans for the domain.  We have already begun the process of obtaining input by establishing an interim advisory group made up of attorneys from across the country to provide dotLaw with input on issues such as domain structure, ethical guidelines, content structure and how best to obtain input from the various members of the legal community.  We understand your concern about time for adequate input, but this timing is driven by ICANN. However, as stated in the application, we are proposing a start up period of six months to allow us time for adequate input and to structure this domain for the benefit of the legal profession.

Accomplishing the objectives of a professional sponsored/ restricted domain will require substantial capital investment and the hiring of a top caliber management team.  The legal community is a demanding group and will require the highest level of quality.  To meet the on-going needs of the community will require a team of professionals and on-going investment in product development.  We believe this is best accomplished through a for profit structure that will be able to obtain investment capital and offer compensation packages to attract the management talent this domain will demand.  Inherent in the success of this domain as in any business is that you must meet the needs of your customer with the quality they expect.

As a final point, dotlaw is not and will not be providing legal services.  dotLaw, Inc. is being established to provide a service to the legal community not to sell legal services.   Our domain policies and contractual arrangements with ICANN will govern the purpose and scope of services provided by dotLaw.  These policies and the goals of ICANN are intended and focused on the running of a domain registry not providing professional services.  FAS-Pwc's primary market and clients are law firms.  Law firms engage FAS-PWC to provide assistance as required by clients and as directed by counsel.  FAS-Pwc is not in the business of providing legal services, but rather consulting services to the legal profession.

We respectively submit these additional comments for your consideration.

DotLaw, Inc.



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